Gayle Ruskin Painting ArtistGayle Ruskin lives and works in New York City. She grew up in Tennessee and attended classes at the Fine Arts Department of George Peabody College (an affiliate of Vanderbilt University) throughout her high school years. She earned a BFA in drawing from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Postgraduate studies in printmaking at Pratt Institute, Soho Graphic Arts and the Leo Acosta Atelier in Mexico City. She exhibits in the US, Mexico and Europe. She exhibits paintings, prints and drawings in the US, Mexico and Europe. She also co-founded Terrazzo Art Projects in New York City.

In the context of formal painting Gayle Ruskin’s work treads the boundary between geometric perceptual abstraction and expressionist gestural painting.

They can be read as an optical statement about deep space and color, while at the same time they can also be totally improvisational and surface oriented. Working from both ends of a structured range of approach she employs thick or thin passages of loosely applied paint in amorphous spatial forms that suggest deep space, then taking a complete reversal of approach she will re-engage the painted surface with geometric line.

In this combining of opposites she achieves an unusual perceptual statement that can be read in multiple ways, suggesting an architectural metaphor or a deep field of panoramic space.

A natural stylist she can orchestrate her compositions through multiple permutations, working at times on five or more paintings at once until she achieves the balance necessary for her particular vision. Employing a palette that is wide in scope, ranging from dark black hues to intense high key chromatic ranges to veils of translucent shades of cream and white; she produces an overall visual intensity.

The impact of her work can produce many responses ranging from a visceral expanse of a single color to the versatility of line, to intimations of a poetic spiritualism and suggestions of transcendence.

– Ron Morosan